What is ‘nyoco’?

Treat others as yourself 「にょこ」というソーシャルマインド

’Nyoco’ comes from the Bible: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’(如己愛人, pronounced as ‘nyo-ko-ai-rin).

For enabling collective impact, we will work through teaming, whereby we co-operate each other as ‘nyoco-minded‘ individuals.

The naming ‘Nyoco’ is also dedicated to the memory of Dr. Takashi Nagai who was an assistant professor at the Nagasaki Medical College, when the atomic bomb was dropped in Nagasaki. 

Dr. Nagai is known for his selfless acts to save the victims and to document atomic bomb related medical research, despite his medical conditions (suffering from leukemia from his radiology lab work) and later deterioration of his health. 

By the bomb, he lost his wife, and was left with his son and daughter.  While he survived 6 years after the attack, he left great amount of achievements, including books, paintings and calligraphy for strong aspiration for peace. His representative work is ‘The Bells of Nagasaki.


In the little house called ‘nyo-ko-do’ (如己堂), he spent a time left with children, knowing they will become orphans after his death.  His children watched their father die, knowing they would be all alone after he was gone.  His late years are written in his work ‘Leaving the beloved children’.

Today, do we live in a better society?  Are orphans given enough protection?