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代表 大竹 明子


I have long served in the business sector, and had a little moment that had eventually made me decide to move on with social giving.

Some may think that charity is one-way giving, but it is does not have to be.  It is a learning journey enriches your life.

In Japan, when natural disasters occurs, significant donations are raised and hundreds of willing volunteers gather to help from distance. But, unlike a Christian society, charity is often seen ‘hypocritical’  making it hard to establish social giving in a sustainable form in Japan. 

Why does this have to be this way? 

In our fast changing world influenced by work shift, market disruption and aging, social inequalities have been intensified and the ways in which we used to provide ad hoc social care is no longer good enough.

New solutions are required for those who suffer from socioeconomic deprivation of various kinds.

Those who are in relative poverty and disparity are hard to be noticed but could be someone next to you. With the above in our minds, we seek realistic and sustainable solutions to fill in gaps in our society.

Apart from a conventional charity, this will be a challenging journey to make everyone involved grow and fulfill through social giving.

Founder Akiko Otake