Happy 2020! 謹賀新年

Treat others as yourself 「にょこ」というソーシャルマインド

Happy 2020! 謹賀新年

1 January 2020  元旦の朝

We wish you a happy new year! Mt. Fuji was covered just under the cloud.


When I book the flight a couple of months ago, I realized that air fares come with price during the winter break, except for 1st Jan. Why not spending the new year’s first day in air? This way, I can slide year-end cleaning and ordering/cooking special dishes for celebration, and head straight to the airport.


My new year’s resolution for 2020 is to keep up with my learning journey in Oxford, as I expand the support group networking to protect the children’s rights. I do hope to allocate more time and energy to the activities with NYOCO in the new year.


I wish you all lots of love and happiness throughout 2020!



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