Cloud Funding for NPO Kodomo no sato / NPO法人こどもの里

Treat others as yourself 「にょこ」というソーシャルマインド

Cloud Funding for NPO Kodomo no sato / NPO法人こどもの里

Hello, thank you for visiting our website.  My name is Akiko Otake, the founder of NYOCO.


NPO Kodomono sato launched cloud funding for girls and mothers whose protection is not sufficient through public welfare (the above link is only available in Japanese).



This NPO has provided child protection support for over 40 years.  The head of the NPO accepts anyone, child and adults, who do not have a place to go, around the clock, any days around the year for no fee. The activities are known for its movie (‘Sato ni kitara eeyan’ Japanese only) and broadcasting on TV (‘Kids’ soup delivery activities to homeless people‘).




Kamagasaki is known for small and cheap lodging facilities ($100/week).  Cheap but still luxurious for those live under a tarp made tent in parks.



This poverty area is located adjacent to Tennoji, where Abeno Harukasu, the tallest building in Japan stands. What a contrast to see a man in a wheel chair doing nothing and looking so weak with the luxurious shopping center in the background.

In this neighborhood, there are children who are surviving poverty with their parents.  We support previous activities of Kodomo no sato.




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